GBBF Roundup

The beer arrives
Lots of Mikkeller
New World fridge!
Last week I volunteered at GBBF on the Bieres SansFrontieres international bottled beer bar. I could easily make another mammoth post as I have been wont to do recently, but to spare my readers the agony I'm just going to make a summary of my highlights and lowlights of the week and point you in the direction of some other good reads.

The Good

The Bad
  • My wink ball video interview (warning large face alert!)
  • Far too humid in the room
  • Concrete floors and 12 hours on your feet 
  • Not enough time to try all the beers I would have liked to
  • End of an era at Earl's Court as it is to be demolished next year

Someone had too much Deus...
The Ugly
  • People dropping glasses on purpose to get a cheer going
  • Lack of sleep
  • The amount of money it costs to travel a few stops on the underground!

BSF staff relax on Saturday night
All in all an amazing week and I'm already looking forward to GBBF's return to its spiritual home of Olympia. I hope all of you who went along had a good time (if you didn't go, why ever not?!) and I look forward to meeting more of you next year. No doubt I'll be working on New World beers again.

Here's what some other bloggers thought of the event:

If you were all there than how come most of you bugger's didn't come to say hi?! If anyone else has any blogs about GBBF they'd like to be linked here then post a comment below.

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  1. I Have eventually posted my Blog on GBBF USA beer on draught. I need to write up my USA bottle experience too.