Strange Search terms

Blogger stats are really handy for optimising post labels, but every now and again you get a weird'un that links to your blog. Perhaps the strangest I've had is:
"a wolf with a shirt that has an owl eating a potato" (top Google result here)
I can only assume that my Session #55 post about the owl on Odell's double Pilsner label led them here.

Which strange search terms leads people to your blog? 

A quick thank you once again to Ghost Drinker for blogrolling me, who after twitter is by far the biggest referrer to my site. I appreciate everyone that links to my blog or re-tweets a post, let me know if I've omitted you from my reading list!


  1. I get a lot of hits under the search term; XXX Black Barley Wine - which is the post I did about the special anniversary big Barley Wine Sierra Nevada produced, and not a porno!

    Also get quite a few for my 'Dangers of Beer' post - which was me talking about hurting myself after carrying too many beer boxes - I think a few readers of that one might be slightly dissapointed ;)

  2. Off to look for the beer injury post!