Mmmmm Cheese

Just a quick one today. I've a guest post up over on Matching Food and Wine listing my favourite five cheese & beer pairings (that I've tried so far!). Let me know what you think of my choices!

The site is run by the fantastic Fiona Beckett, Wine columnist for the Guardian, cheese fanatic (she organises a cheese school a few times a year), and good food and drink lover. She's also very friendly and welcoming to new food and drinks writers and quick to offer guidance when needed. Check out her work!

On Twitter as @winematcher and @food_writer


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    1. Thanks Ed, feel free to add your own suggestions!

  2. It appears you're a celebrity...congrats!

  3. I must confess that I've never experimented with beer and food matching: I drink what I want and eat what I want with it... but, as you can imagine, not always to great success. It is something that I am a bit interested in trying so when I am off my current booze embargo (beer free july, more or less) I'm gonna give it a go by starting with your Gonzo and Stilton suggestion. Cheers

    1. We all need to start somewhere, there's a lot to be said for casual pairings, often the best matches turn up serendipitously!

      If you do try that one aim for stichelton - unpasteurised "stilton". its superb. You're lucky as we have a lot of decent cheese shops in the south-west.

      sparkenhoe and keens can both be got from m&s

      the ragstone and stinking bishop are more likely to be specialist cheesemongers, but there are online shops too!