#TheSession #78: My Elevator Pitch for beer

First Friday of the month means the session is here again; this month hosted by James of Beer Bar Band. We're asked this month to argue for beer in 250-words or less in the style of an "elevator pitch" (or lift spiel if you will). Ignoring the practicality that most people don't talk to each other in lifts (and that you shouldn't really criticise people for their own drinking choices anyway) here is what I'd say.

"Hiya, I see you're enjoying a beer, great to see that you're drinking something that Britain is famous for. There's been a lot of breweries opening in recent years; with all manner of interesting beery flavours. Here try this...*tosses can of Brewdog punk IPA*. You can pick these up pretty cheaply in the supermarket its a good reflection of what is good in UK brewing at the moment and you're supporting a British company whereas a lot of other widely available beers are owned overseas. Plus the beer is unpasteurised which means the flavour is fresher. Besides the cans are smaller so can fit in your fridge more easily and you can pretend its a soft drink so get away with drinking it in places where beer isn't allowed*"

Person leaves lift pleased to have received free alcohol.

I believe the best way to convince people to think about new beer is to get them to try it, no amount of talking is going to persuade them. If you offer them a free sample then they don't even have to part with their money.

*Busses for instance..ahem


  1. Well... about 300mls of the can's contents is supporting British brewing, but at least one mouthful (~11%) is foreign-owned :)

    1. Well if you want to be pernickety the hops aren't UK grown either ;)

  2. I completely agree!
    Can't count the amount of times I've pulled a drink from a person while stating, "listen, I'll get you a beer. A great beer! If you don't like it, I'll drink it. But I promise, it will blow your mind.. even if you aren't ready for the mind blast just yet..." (^.^)
    Same as you with BrewDog IPA, I find that hops are a gateway beer drug.


  3. Spot on, the free taste of something different has always won me over!

    Thanks for your excellent contribution and demonstrating that the best pitch is not words but a free taste. Cheers!

    Here's my Session Roundup post : http://beerbarband.com/2013/08/20/the-session-78-roundup-you-pitched-you-scored/