What's Lego-ing on?

Far too often beer reviews can be staid an boring (perhaps I've been guilty of that too?); so its always nice to come across and interesting and refreshing take that's a bit more fun too. Pottering around Facebook t'other day I came across a page called Beer Farts. Being a bit puerile I clicked on and found the page to be full of well-taken pictures of beer - but with a twist; every beer is paired with a Lego character. I also like that there's usually a short topical comment linking beer with current affairs in beer and wider world. Being a fan of both Lego and beer I got in touch with the creator to find out a bit more.

Who is behind beer farts and where did the name come from?
Hi, I'm Tom, based in London and I take the photos (and drink the beers !). When brewers etc meet me they always say ‘oh, you’re not what I was expecting’. They may be expecting some strange guy that plays with Lego but I am normal. I promise! 
I toyed with a few names but once I landed on Beer Farts it stuck. It seemed to catch people’s eye and make them laugh.  

Punk IPA
How did you come up with the idea to use Lego?
I was given a Lego set as a gift after seeing the Lego movie last year. I was already posting photos of my favourite beers and decided to include the Lego in one. It turned out to be quite popular and at all started from there. 

What comes first , the beer or the Lego?
The beer is always first. I just then try to work the appropriate Lego in with the beer. That can be difficult if I cannot get the Lego man I want. I've had to hold out for weeks to try a beer because I wanted the right figure for the photo. A little sad I know.

 Where did you get such an array of figures; do you have to carry them all around with you?
I am always buying new ones from local toy shops, online and even charity shops. Sadly, yes I do carry some with me almost everywhere. I don’t want to miss a shot! Planning ahead can be tricky though.

Beavertown Honest Pale
What is your favourite Lego set/ character; are there any that don't exist which you'd like to see?
My favourite set is the Back to the Future set. I love the movies so I love this set too. The hotdog mini figure still makes me laugh though, he is a great one.
After the success of The Simpsons two series I’d love Lego to make a Family Guy series. I think that would work great. I’m also excited for the release of the Big Bang Theory set that is coming out soon.

What has been your favourite review?
One of my recent favourites is the post for Beavertown’s Skull King. Not only is the beer great but their can designs are always so crazy. I’m always happy when I can make a character to match those on the can design. The can designs alone make for great photos.

What do you enjoy most about using Lego alongside words to convey your thoughts on beers?
It makes people laugh and beer is meant to be fun after all. Lots of people post photos of beers; I find the Lego men are a great way of making my posts stand out. I hope people see the photos and then are interested to read what I’ve said about the beer.
Do you have a favourite beer style and is there a beer you'd really like to review using Lego?
My favourite style has to be IPA, whether it’s traditional British style or West Coast. I’d really like to try and review Heady Topper as I hear so many good things about it. I’m sure I could find a good Lego to go with that!

Which beer so far has been most enjoyable?
This is almost impossible to answer. I’ve had so many good ones. Some of my favourites include; Firestone Walker’s Union Jack IPA, Camden Town’s IHL, The Kernel’s IPA, Russian River’s Pliny The Elder, Meantime IPA, Ballast Point Sculpin' and Stone’s Japanese Green Tea IPA. 

What character would you choose for the following "whale" beers:
·        Pliny the Elder – I have a Roman Emperor that could play Pliny
·        Three Floyds Dark Lord -  A medieval knight would work great here I think.
·        Old Chimneys King Henry – The King from the latest series looks like a young King Henry VIII. He works very well for any ‘King’ named beer.  
·        Cantillon Blaeber – The cowboy would be perfect for this.

Thank you to Tom for taking the time to answer my questions, hopefully you check out his work, its good fun!
Beer Farts is on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and also has a few blog posts here.

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