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Hi, I'm Steve (aka Stephanos). I was born in Yeovil, Somerset and moved to Northern Ireland in 2010 (via  Southampton University where I obtained a Masters degree in Chemistry with Ocean and Earth Science in 2009).

I'm a fan of beer, I love drinking beer, I like learning about beer and I enjoy talking about beer. Generally once you've got me started it'll be difficult to make me stop.

I realised no one was blogging about beer in Northern Ireland and seeing as we now have five seven ten nine breweries and more in the pipeline I thought it was about time someone did.

Being from Somerset I obviously enjoy cider too and being of Scottish descent whisky is up there in the trinity of alcoholic favourites; so you may find posts on these too. Cocktails seem to

As will soon become apparent from reading  this blog I love food and cheese in particular, you'll find "Cheese and Beer Pairings of the Month" under the "Cheese" page. I'm currently writing a UK guide to cheese and beer pairing, check out www.cheeseandbeer.co.uk

I also reading other people's opinions on beer, take a look at my blog roll over there -->
for some other great beer blogs to kill your time on the loo/ in the bath/ in the bus/ at work.

I joined the British Guild of Beer Writers in 2012 and am a member of CAMRA, camRGB and Beoir. 
I'm currently a North Eastern Region rep for Beoir and also Ireland and Scotland admin for ratebeer.com.

You can Follow me on Twitter @BeersIveKnown or email beersiveknown@gmail.com.

From time to time my good lady wife Daisy will contribute some posts, partial posts, ideas, drinks funds and photos etc. Watch this space for a companion blog in the new year

Updated: 10/9/14

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  1. Hi Steve , It's Stephen here from Clearsky Brewing Co.
    Apologies for missing your email way back then.
    Hope you will drop me a quick line and I promise to get back to you immediately.Cheers.