Session #57 Round-up

I hosted this month's session. The topic was posted here.

I'm not one to judge, but some of you have some shocking revelations, but I'll name no names. Its up to you to read on and admonish/forgive/console/agree as you see fit on individual's blogs!

Simon over at Reluctant scooper shares a host of secrets, but perhaps the most shocking is he got sick after one pint of mild. Boak and Bailey temporarily demerge to share their individual beery confessions: Boak used to think Red Stripe was classy...whilst Bailey still drinks Becks when Boak isn't around to stop him.  David at Broadford brewer chooses to tell us about some of his University drinking mishaps. Mark owns up to enjoying beer straight from the fridge and still in the bottle and Sean at beer search party is similarly guilty.

Gareth from new blog beer advice has his first go at the session and tells us of beer and film pairing, sounds like a good idea actually and Leslie Lushtastic can't help it but to keep going back to Victoria! And another session newbie, Matt from beerandfoodandstuff seemingly has no end of confessions to get off of his chest. Jen at Berkley craft beer examiner confesses to self-abuse by malternative (alchopops in the UK) before progressing to real beer via something with blueberry floaties in it. Tom at Lugwrench similarly drank a malternative, called Zima. Mr Rabid Barfly thinks he has nothing to confess, but I think ginger beer for breakfast is something fairly unique amongst us beer bloggers!

Zac confesses to having recently enjoyed shandy, whilst yours truly used to survive on smoothflow. Mr Dredpenguin owned up to still drinking carlsberg and disliking cantillon the first time around. Jay at a beer in hand confesses to not one but three guilty pleasure beers whereas Stan (Appellation Beer) cannot remember his gateway beer; so his guilty pleasure is each and every new beer he gets his paws on.

I persuaded Simon from CAMRGB (Campaign for Really Good Beer) to post his and a great read it was too. He shares how he got into beer from being a shameless wine guzzler. The Beer Nut decided to do something guilt-inducing live, drinking a beer from Heineken, but it doesn't actually sound too bad. Bob at "It could do with a few more hops" sounds like a guy with plenty of secrets, he confesses to five consecutive weeks of beer smuggling. Win confesses a heinous crime and makes a good case for smaller measures. Rob at Beer PHXation overdid the beer on a Belgium trip.

Craig is embarrassed in a very rate beer way...he enjoyed a bottom ten beer. Reuben Tale of the Ale (who hosted the session last month) gives us a lengthy explanation of why he quit drinking for five years. Thomas at Yours For Good Fermentables is guilty of what a lot of us may be...not giving a beer a second chance and Jon at the Brewsite speaks his mind about why you shouldn't feel guilty. Craig at drinkdrank is a fan of heritage brands, particularly Schaefer.

Alan at a good beer blog enjoys beer with corn and in his usual verbose way explains why he doesn't feel one iota of guilt and Derrick, the beer runner, also enjoys blueberry beers. Jay of Brookstein Beer Bulletein (Who along With Stan makes up one half of the team that co-ordinates The Session) wishes to confess ten years of drinking bland lagers alongside tastier beevrages before making the switch, though I think his no beer admission is more telling...Phil of Beersay tells us about his first accidental intoxication which led to him being a more cautious drinker in the future...or so I would hope! Another session newbie in the form of Hardknott Alex tell us of his penchant for desperados, which seems to be the shame-beer of choice for a number of bloggers and Nick from Lautering.net admits to preferring beers with an adjunct such as rice because of their smoother texture.

That's all folks. Cheers for the contributions everyone, I've enjoyed reading them. There are 32 all together (if I've counted correctly!). Let me know if I've overlooked anyone and if you enjoyed this roundup! I duly hand over the baton to Phil of Beersay host for December's session. He's @Filrd on Twitter so add him on there too! Get in Touch with Jay Brooks or Stan Heironymous to offer your services for future sessions.


  1. Studious work Steve, a well coordinated Session!

  2. Sorry I missed this Steve, I'd crack a late entry in but for pesky work getting in the way, GRRRR

    Will take me a week to read all these as it is!! ;)