Session #57: My guilty beer secret

I'm hosting the session this month. See here for the topic.
 When I first started drinking beer (about ten years ago) I liked lager. And not good lager, probably one of the c-words. Price wasn't the issue but perhaps lack of having tasted anything else was. My parents bought me a pack of twelve for Christmas in October and by December I'd decided I didn't like lager after all. I moved on to Worthingtons smoothflow. I drank this for about three years, including for my first year at university, by whhich point I'd had my eyes opened about the world of beer. 

Exhibit A
After moving out of halls in the first year I sought out a decent local and never again did a glass of the nitrogenated stuff pass my lips. I'll still drink keg buddweiser or Kronenburg if there's no good cask or keg available (and that's fairly often in the beer desert of Northern Ireland).

I don't feel particularly guilty about my formative beer drinking experiences, in the same way as that Linkin Park album led me on to much better music, those generic lagers and bitters pushed me to seek out better tasting beers and in the mean time I've found plenty that I'll happily go back to time and time again.


  1. Nice one Steve.
    Smoothflow... *shudder*
    We've all been there and I even went through a stage of cutting the widgets out of the cans and collecting them. Why would I do that?

  2. Linkin Park. Good to see you sneak that confession in under the radar.

  3. BB-yeah just an excuse to get that picture out again! I guess collecting widgets is from the same compulsion to cut open spent ink cartridges (for fountain pens) to get the balls out. I still have a load of them in a film container in my stationery drawer...

    Bailey- I still quite like them, that first album is a classic!

  4. Who has ever been proud of their early beer-drinking experiences? Even if someone claims to be, he's lying.