A Bristol Beer Crawl

Bristol is home to some fantastic pubs and breweries. I spent this weekend investigating a chunk of them. If I remember correctly (no mean feat with the number visited) there were 17 in all*, with a couple visited twice. Rather than bore you with a mammoth post about all the pubs I'll let the pictures do (most of) the talking. They do say a picture is worth 1000 words after all...

The Old Fish Market

Fantastic Red Brick Fuller's pub

New American-hopped seasonal Wild River

Georges Bristol Brewery
Bristol is full of Brewing Heritage, and the new breweries look
to reach the same heights of success

The Seven Stars

Fantastic back-street local's pub
Avoid the Hopping Mad!
The King's Head
Fantastic Historic Interior pub

Ancient beer selection (display!)

 The Cornubia
Real Ale Oasis the Cornubia is hidden up a back road

  The Three Tuns
Arbor Ales Bristol Tap

Just a few of Arbor's output

 The Grain Barge
A bar...on a boat!
And Bristol Beer Factory beers available, excellent!

  Bag O'Nails
Another free house on the way home

That'll be a Moor please!

The Robin Hood

Respite whilst climbing St Michael's Hill

The Highbury Vaults

Olde Young's Pub
Ancient Hand pumps in Front Bar

From one of the Oldest to the Newest
Beerd is Bath Ales' new craft beer & pizza bar
Eclectic interior and a good range of beer

Tiny Rebel Cwtch in Beerd

Aubergine, Goats cheese and Basil - nom!

Two Dawkins Pubs:

The Green Man

The Green Man
Arbor Single Hop in a cute 1/2 pint tankard

The Hillgrove Porter Stores

Hillgrove Porter Stores

Whilst okay on bottle its stupendous on cask.


These were all pubs I'd happily return to, unusual to get such a high success rate! There's a number of other pubs left to visit in Bristol, but they'll be for another time! 

I also love that I can get Butcombe Bitter, my benchmark on cask in the airport whilst waiting for my plane home. Rare Breed is now also available. Both of these plus others in the range are available in the Colston Yard, their flagship bar at the bottom of St Michael's Hill.

*I didn't quite manage to capture all of them, for the curious amongst you my journeys took me to the following:
Beerd, The Green Man, The Hillgrove Porter Stores, The Croft, The Old Fish Market, The Seven Stars, The King's Head, Cornubia, The Bridge Inn, The Three Tuns, The Grain Barge, The Bag O'Nails, The Hope and Anchor, Zero Degrees, The Colston Yard, The Robin Hood & The Highbury Vaults.


  1. Crikey, you did WELL in one weekend!!
    We were in Bristol Monday night/ yesterday and had a couple of brewery tastings/ visits. Fun!

    1. You just missed me, I was there until sunday evening!

      Did you go to the BBF monday tour and tasting?

  2. Looks like a great weekend. I do love Bristol... but I really dislike Butcombe Bitter... each to their own, as they say