Session #69: Beery Pipe Dreams

This month's session requires a bit of thought. What would I change to make the beer world a better place and how would I bring it about?

The obvious answer would be for beer to be free; therefore cost not having to factor into people's decisions whether they should have a beer or not. And a method of delivery...how about the health benefits are recognised and its available as a free prescription on the NHS (yes I know that we pay taxes that pay for the NHS, which means it wouldn't actually be free but it would seem like it...)

The realist in me knows this is never going to happen, perhaps a more achievable goal, one that would benefit everyone would be to convince more people to try beer, either for the first time or something more flavourful than the mass produced convenience beers*. How should we go about doing this? Blogging is a part of it but for the most part that's only preaching to the converted (to use a well worn cliché). What you have to do is "step-out" of your comfort zone, get out into the real world and share beers with the unconverted. Leigh has done a great round-up on his blog.

So your challenge for the end of 2012 (or 2013 if you think that's more realistic) is to get out into those pubs and bars and get talking to people about beer. It doesn't have to be a specially organised, ticketed event but just do something, other than sticking to your usual group of friends or sitting at home blogging. If you already do something to step-out of your comfort zone then let us know in the comments below.

The session this month was brought to you by Jorge from Brew Beer and Drink it

*Thanks World Beer Atlas


  1. Just spent all day talking about whisky then tomorrow I'm hosting a wine tasting. Can someone invite me to a beer event please? ;)

    1. you're welcome to come round mine for a beer;)