A brewery that's had a lot of buzz around them recently, especially for their dark beers and "session IPA". I picked up the bottles from Alesela, thoughts below. Reuben's thoughts here.

Founders Breakfast Stout is superb, and at 8.3% not particularly boozy for an imperial stout. Bottle at home courtesy of shrubber85 on Ratebeer, cheers Roger!
Rich lactose milk chocolate and fruity roast coffee. Rich, full bodied, medium carbonation, fruity coffee, smokey coffee, dark chocolate milk, long roasty finish. A touch of alcohol brings it all together. Fab.

Founders porter is also a fantastic dark beer at the strong end of the spectrum 6.5%, par for the course for US porters though.
Extremely dark brown, fluffy tan head, unctuous, thick bodied, dark malt, rich, hidden abv, chocolate, smooth. Dry finish

 All day IPA is also super, 4.7%
slightly hazy burnished gold with cream tinged head passion fruit and orange pith on nose. Subtle malt to allow the juicy passion fruit and pink grapefruit of the hops to come through. Medium length finish with a gentle bitterness. Good to see an American brewer go a bit lower, though stil not quite session strength.

 Centennial IPA is 7.2%
Hazy mid amber with offwhite lacing. Pithy tangerine and mango nose. Full bodied, sticky caramalt, pithy citrus peel, dry finish. Its aged well but would be fantastic fresh.

 Curmudgeon Old Ale 9.8%
hazy amber with yeast floaties and cream tinted lacing. Fairly sweet toffee apple nose. Full bodied, low carbonation, sweet toffee, slightly creamy mouth feel. Well hidden alcohol, slightly malty. Sticky weetabix short finish. A bit too heavy going and sweet for me

 Dirty Bastard 8.5%
Yet another scotch ale dark garnet red with dark beige lacing. Rich sweet malt, Turkish delight, sticky caramel. Sweet, astringent notes, full bodied and not helped by the low carbonation. I didn't like this one.

Against my better judgement I decided to try Backwoods Bastard Founders other Scotch Ale, this one barrel aged and 10.2%. I was pleasantly surprised to enjoy it, probably because of the high amount of bourbon character hiding the maltiness! Still quite heavy but with coconut, vanilla and sticky sweetness it would make for a good dessert beer. Certainly my favourite of the American Scotch efforts to date.

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