Ones to Watch 2014

As you all emerge blinking into the daylight on New Year's Day here are a few brewers you should be trying to get hold of this year.

We begin in the capital which continues to expand in all things beery. 2013 has certainly been Partizan's year, showing no signs of stopping in 2014 as they approach their 100th brew. Pressure Drop and Brew By Numbers have also both impressed in 2013. And just outside of the capital Siren have produced plenty to be proud of with plenty more planed for 2014.

A brewery which really impressed on trips to Bristol was Wiper & True. Particularly during Bristol Beer Week with their "Beer and Burgers" event. To maintain such a high calibre of brewing across multiple different establishments is no mean feat. I certainly look forward to trying more of these in 2014.

Across the Bristol channel and into Wales we have Tiny Rebel, who recently opened their first bar in Cardiff and the Celt Experience in Caerphilly who have rally impressed with some excellent collaboration and one off brews recently.

Moving North to Scotland Top Out really impressed with their initial offerings and have since released a Christmas beer and wheat ale, both of which seem to be doing well. I wasn't quick enough off the mark and missed out on the Christmas beer however. Another newish place in Edingburgh is the Hanging Bat, already a fantastic bar, could 2014 be the year the brewery becomes big*? Intriguingly Chris Kay of Bristol beer Factory now has a hanging bat account...

Moving across the water to Ireland I look forward to further releases from Brown Paper Bag Project and Blacks Kinsale brewery. 2013 will be remembered as the year breweries really took off with black IPAs and Double IPAs appearing for the first time and the number of breweries approaching 40 with at least 10 more in the planning stages.

Northern Ireland too has not been passed by with new breweries springing up across the province taking the number to 10. Red Hand will begin selling to the public at the start of the year and Farmageddon should also finally become a real entity. A few new Belfast breweries in the works too; so we should be very healthy in 2014.

Of course firmly established breweries will continue to delight (Wild, Buxton,  Kernel, Beavertown, Moor, Thornbridge, Magic Rock, Summer Wine and more) and cause despair (shall remain nameless) in equal measure and we'll surely see more regional and old guard brewers set-up their own craft ranges as has been seen in 2014. I for one look forward to it! Let me know your own predictions for 2014 below, cheers all!

*Edit...confirmation today that the brewery is go

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  1. I'd add Galway Bay Brewery to that list. Their DIPA was outstanding and Chris has a few more ideas in the pipeline…