Session #62: Why I Blog

The session this month is hosted by Alan at Brewpublic. He wants to know what drives us as bloggers, what made us want to blog. I don't really have any more to say than what's in my introductory post. to summarise:
*I like talking about beer.
*I like being involved in the blogging community.
*I like being able to support Northern Ireland Brewers/ other businesses

That's pretty much it.


  1. Like it... Maybe the label should be 'no nonsense'?

    (Oh no bloody John Smooth Extra Smiths rubbish appropriated that one didn't they)

    1. hehe, is that a dig at my "beery confessions" ? ;)

  2. All good reasons!

    For me, I like recording my food experiences and thoughts.
    I love communicating, and expressing myself in written word.
    I'm a trainer by trade, and I think that's part of the same thing, that desire and joy in getting a message across to others.
    I love food.
    I love meeting and learning from and talking to fellow food lovers, suppliers, producers, restaurateurs, chefs...
    It's all good!

  3. And I spent Beer blogging Friday talking about Hula Hoops...