A Quasi-Bombastic Review

Hardknott brewery is one which needs no introduction from me. Well known among bloggers as trying to do something a bit different in the craft beer scene. Today's beer is no different. Billed as the first in a series of "Rhetoric" beers this is a Belgian Quadrupel inspired beer with star anise. Coming in at 10.2%, its a fair bit under the target ABV but that doesn't mean it will be too cloying.

Always one for a novel marketing technique, Dave gave away 24 bottles to those he deemed deserving, carted by Alex to Leeds with instructions not to open until an agreed date. Saturday 30th June at 7:30pm was the time decided and I wasted no time in opening my bottle.

Its a magnificent specimen, chestnut coat, beige mane and powerful legs. Thankfully that's where the horse comparison ends, no farmyard in evidence here. Instead we're treated to a complex nose of  licorice, orange peel, demerara and a hint of clove. Bizarrely there's also wet-wipes, a mixture of some higher alcohols and yeast esters perhaps.
 Quite oily in texture but very smooth on the swallow. Lots of sugar sweetness, aniseed, honey, lots of booze, tangerine. It lingers on the tongue. Low carbonation perhaps but great as it is.I can certainly see this maturing well.


  1. Hope it makes its way out to the undeserving as well!

    1. Its for sale on their online shop now

    2. Ah, cheers! I didn't realise (or else had forgotten) that they had an online shop. Though every time I have a mind to order beer from somewhere new, BoE goes and gets a massive new addition to their range which I can't resist...