Looking back on 2012, looking forward to 2013

A bit late, I know but I've been out of the country. Last year I made some "resolutions" as to which direction my beery escapades would develop. Time to see how I got on and perhaps set some for this year.

  • Get to a CAMRGB event Completely failed on this one I'm afraid, though I did meet up with some CAMRGB members in Birmingham.
  • Potentially work GBBF during the craziness that will be the Olympics Another failure due to deciding to get married at the end of the year and having no other holidays left.
  • Spend more time drinking in pubs than at home Not really achieved, though the balance has shifted.
  • Meet more bloggers around the country and attend Beer bloggers conference This was achieved and a great weekend, am hoping to attend in Edinburgh this year.
  • Do some more home brew with a view to full mash later in year didn't happen though I've come up with a name and bought half the gear.
  •  Get back to the gym to shed the beer pounds* accrued in 2011 abject failure

So for this year? More of the same. Continue to try drinking new beers and see more of this island I find myself living on, finally get some brewing done, get my cheese and beer book finished and spend more time drinking good beers with good friends than sat at home.

And to prevent this post being entirely about me, here are some great blog posts that were published in my absence (its taken me the best part of a week to get caught up, some people are just too prolific...I'm looking at you Alan).

Rich brings us another humorous look at what he expects from 2013, along with a great list of the ones to watch for the next year.

Adrian gives a wonderful description of how memories of pubs visited can be triggered and transport you straight back there and Leigh looks at that special moment when you find a beer good enough to have another

The Beer Nut has been out supping in London (seems I missed him as I was there at the same time) and Des's updates show how far the London beer scene has improved in the few short years since his book was published.

You've probably seen it already, but if not take a look at Martyn's 20 most influential beers list. How many have you tried?

And alongside posting plenty of interesting snippets on the microbrewery scenes of the 70s and 80s Boak and Bailey also take a look at why "silly" beers may be a necessary part of a balanced beer scene.

Normal service will resume with some New Zealand based beer bits once I've had a chance to compose my thoughts.

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