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After David (@Broadfordbrewer) very kindly sent me his second bottle of Rooster's Baby Faced Assassin I suggested we do a collaborative blog. For an additional twist, I'm posting his and he's hosting mine.

A bit about the beer: Originally designed as a homebrew by Tom Fozard (at the time of Beer Ritz) it was brewed at Roosters, which Tom and his brother Oli are now working at. A limited number was brewed and most of them consumed at a Roosters celebration party as the current owners are moving on and selling to the Fozards. There's a whole host of blogs about the beer here, here, here, here, here and here.
As for why its called babyfaced Assassin, here's some suggestions from Wikipedia.

My thoughts can be found here and on David's blog here.

  Here's what David thought of the beer:

One for Dave and one for the missus
"We decided to do a live-beer-tasting on Twitter and were joined by @Jamesbwxm who had also squirrelled a bottle away for winter.  The beer itself is a 6.1% India Pale Ale and one of a seventy bottle limited edition batch (this one being 9/70).  Upon opening there was a decent 'pop'.  From the bottle I could smell the huge tropical fruit aromas and the freshness of the beer despite it being 'past its best' according to the label.  There is always a chance of the hop character dissipating over time, but I've kept this bottle chilled and think it has faired well.  Pouring to the glass stirred the aromas further which I would describe as sweet and fresh and half the glass was taken with the healthy head of foam.  This beer was clearly still in fine condition. Beyond the hefty grapefruit bitterness I tasted lychee, pineapple and mango and other fruits I couldn't quite pin down.

 After a few minutes in the glass the beer gives way to being a very pleasant blend of tropical fruits and with a sweetness that holds its own against the IBU's lurking in the shadows.  A top drop and one that I hope they have time to brew again sometime in the future".

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