Transcoastal Beer Hustle

You may think that Northern Ireland would be a bit of a beer desert - and you'd be right! When its difficult to even find stockists for the local brewers its not surprising that beers from further afield are few and far between. Sainsbury's recent Great British Beer Hunt is a case in point. The beers weren't available here (not that Sainsbury's is anywhere near me in any case). One beer that caught my eye was Williams Brothers Profanity Stout and when the reviews started appearing on blogs, I knew this was one I had to try. Spotted asking the brewer if it was availble anywhere via Twitter, Fletch from Real Ale Reviews came to the rescue. He offered to send me some and the idea for the beer swap was born.

I sent some beers across from Northern Ireland and in return I got a mystery package from Fletch which arrived in my hands today. I knew something was amiss when I realised the package was soggy and it wasn't raining outside. Alas a bottle had broken, but thankfully I had been sent two of the Profanity Stout, phew! So alongside that I was given Saltaire Triple Chocaholic, one I enjoyed when I tried it for my chocolate beer post last month, and Acorn Old Moor Porter.

Acorn Old Moor Porter
Acorn is a brewery I'm aware of but I've only tried their Barnsley Bitter. I love dark beers and porters especially so was keen to try the porter; so cracked it open when I got home. Opaque brown-black with a thick and creamy mocha head as if poured through a sparkler. On the nose its licorice and dark chocolate. In the mouth its rich and roasted to begin with amazing mouth feel for its relatively low ABV (4.4%). Milk chocolate with a coffee bitterness in the long and dry finish. If its this good in bottle I'd love to try cask! Went perfectly with my smoky chilli nachos.

Williams Bros Profanity Stout
The profanity stout is much more boisterous in ABV, so how did that stack up? This beer's been such a  long time coming that I've forgotten what the reviews were like. I'm pleasantly surprised then to be treated to a pine and grapefruit melange on the nose, with some chocolate underneath. In the mouth its very pithy up front followed by a brief chocolate sweetness and bitter chocolate in the finish with a long citrus finish. Gently carbonation this beer belies its strength and just slips down. I hope the intention to put this beer into regular production is realised as I'd happily drink this again.

Cheers for the beers Fletch, hope you enjoy yours!


  1. I hope it goes into regular production, too. It's lovely.

    A new pub opening near me will be doing it both on keg and cask, so I'm guessing the bottle's success has gone some way to brewing further batches.

  2. little secret, you were actually supposed to get an acorn gorlokva stout, but all the dark beers must've gone to my head. So, at some point I'll have to send that out to you as well! Course I might need another Irish brew in return ;-)

  3. i had that on cask at belfast beer fest, lovely beer! Yes, we'll do another swap in the new year as I enjoyed this!

  4. Profanity Stout is mint! (not mint-Y) lol

    I loves a drop of Acorn brewery's fine wares..