C is for...

My second review for Ben's Beer Alphabet.
I'm a fan of sour beers. Lambic and aged beers respectively. But some commercial examples are just not good. And Chapeau Gueuze is one of those. Mistakenly ordered from Drink Store (it was advertised as the Cuvee).

It certainly looks the part, thick green glass bottle with cork and crowned it could pass as one of the greats. Pouring a hazy brown, with thin white head with acetic redcurrant aroma. In the mouth it was cloyingly sweet, made my teeth stand on edge. Vinegar sour, no lactic character at all and just a hint of Brett. hay and manure its only redeeming feature. 

Its just about tolerable, but that's only because I'm reluctant to pour money down the drain.I think without fruit even those of sweet tooth would find this a struggle. Avoid!

Edit: I had to tip away the last third...


  1. Ouch. I quite liked this one! Bit of a shock to the system admittedly, and the face that my wife pulled when I got her to try it was classic. I really don't have a sweet tooth either.

    Guess that's what makes beer interesting. Mine was also only a wee bottle - might have struggled with a big 'un.

  2. I just know what decent lambics and gueuzes taste of & this was nowehere near.

  3. Ouch! did the store in question send you the right bottle to make amends? That sounds like a stinker, in every sense!
    I still need to make my first sour beer purchase, thankfully it won't be this one by mistake!

  4. I've tried a good few if you would like any reccomendations! They sent me a 5% off the next order as the right one wasn't in stock.

  5. OK, I'm happy to be in a minority on this one.