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Its the time of year when festive and special releases do the rounds and a number of people were offered bottles of the following beer, one of whom was Nate Southwood who blogs at Booze, Beats and Bites. I suggested we guest post on each other's blogs, so over to Nate!

Truman’s London Keeper Review

Truman’s Brewery was originally established in 1666, but closed in 1989 – the year of my birth. After lots of hard work they finally started brewing again in August 2013.

I’ve been excited about their beers for ages as Ben Ott is an incredibly talented brewer, and the history behind the brewery is awesome.

Luckily I was offered the chance to get a bottle of this sent to me so I can do a little writing.

This was the first ever beer Truman’s brewed in their new brewery, and the recipe dates back to 1880! That’s some old school beering! There are only 2000 bottles too!

Brewery: Truman’s
Beer: London Keeper
Location: London (England)
Style: Double Stout
ABV: 8%

It pours black as night with a thick off white head and bubbles rising in the glass, but oh so silky.

Aroma: Bittersweet chocolate & coffee attack your nostrils and begs you to drink it!

Taste: My god. Starts off with bitter chocolate, moving on into sweetened coffee and finishes with a very red wine like character. Stunning.

Mouthfeel: Feels very carbonated in the mouth and it’s thick yet still so smooth and silky.

Overall: This is a brilliant beer. It has everything I want in a stout of this strength. I really need to buy more.  It’s simply stunning. Each mouthful delivers.

I’d recommend buying some of this before it’s all gone as there are only 2000 bottles.

You can buy it from their website here: http://www.trumansbeer.co.uk/product/trumans-london-keeper/


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