London(ish): Sirens blaring

Siren opened to a bit of a buzz at the end of 2012 and understandably so as brewer Ryan Witter-Merithew has had a good upbringing through various superstar breweries. Naturally I was keen to find out what all the fuss was about, doubly so after having sampled two of the core range Half Mast (a "quarter IPA") and Broken dream (a breakfast stout). 
First thing deserving mention is the great artwork. Standing out and suitably mythical it fits in well with the Sirenous theme:

Up first is a collaboration hoppy wheat beer or hopfenweizen  if you will. Ryan collaborated with omnipollo and homebrewer Rick Gordon Lindqvist to produce the fantastic 6.4% beer that is Näcken. It pours hazy dark blonde with towering white head collapsing to a few mm. Very estery nose of banana and bandaid followed by rich gooseberry and tangerine hops. Really fruity NS hops, sharp, full bodied, creamy wheat spice, gooseberry and watermelon, light carbonation and mouthwatering moreish finish. If you're quick you may be able to pick this up at  alesela or ales by mail.
 Another special next,  Aussie soundwave (5.6%) is an antipodean hopped variation on sound wave, one of their regulars (review below). Pouring a murky tan brown its a bit off putting but that is countered by a rich peaches and passion fruit nose. Fairly pithy dry bitterness, kumquat and passion fruit peel with a quinine like bitter finish. This shows off what those oz hops can bring to a beer and (Appearance aside) is pretty tasty.

Undercurrent is part of the core range and at 4.5% would be a sessionable pale ale. Its hazy dark amber with fluffy off white head, rich citrus aroma and red berries. Full bodied bright citrus, creamy oats, sharp red berries, slightly chalky bitterness and long red berry fruit finish

Siren's regular Soundwave also 5.6% looks completely different to the aussie version, pouring much darker. Citrus takes the lead in the aroma here resin and orange oils. Fairly light bodied but full flavoured,hop led but malt balanced.

Next up is another collab beer Siren / Cigar City / Grassroots Neither (8.3%) Its a very hazy dark chestnut brown with fluffy offwhite head with rich peaches and raspberries on the nose. Light carbonation and full bodied, fairly sweet at first then long citrus pith and red berries plus something else I can’t quite put my finger on. Really well balanced, belies its strength, superb

Liquid Mistress (5.8%) Deep garnet with pillowy caramel head and rich Seville orange and sticky toffee pudding nose. Full bodied, rich caramalt and digestive biscuit well balanced by pithy orange hops and dry finish.
 Rainbow Red (7.9%) is perhaps the most "normal" of the bunch (as much as a 7.9% beer can be normal at least...). Its a hazy dark amber fluffy offwhite head collapsing to a lacing. Fruity yeast esters and sharp citrus hops. Medium body and carbonation pithy citrus, chalky dry bitterness, not particularly red but certainly tasty.

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