The 12 Stouts of Christmas

As mentioned previously Bristol Beer Factory decided to release a special selection of 12-stouts for Christmas. They arrived this week and I've managed to drink them already (though three of them I've reviewed previously). I decided to present my review in the form of the well known Christmas carol.

12 Brown bottles sitting on my wall...

The first stout of Christmas I put in my belly 
was a stout made with raspberries 
Pours dark brown with a red tinge. Thin tan head soon collapses to a lacing. Tart and sweet raspberry nose with roast barley and a hint of oak smoke in the background. Very thick and smooth bodied with tart raspberry, rich malts and a hint of acrid roast barley. Gentle carbonation helps to prevent it from seeming too cloying. The Belgian yeast is clearly discernible too and a noticeable kiss of alcohol, which adds to rather than detracts from the beer. Long raspberry finish with chocolate lingering in the background. Would pair well with my friend’s recipe for raspberry chocolate cake. 

The second stout of Christmas I put in my belly-chili chocolate stout
Pours teak brown with a 5mm off-white head. Intriguing milk chocolate and tangerine aroma. At first very fruity followed by roasted barley and dark malt flavours. Light bodied for its ABV with a slightly powdery texture. A subtle chilli bite in the finish which builds as you go down the glass. Would love to try the chilli on its own!

The third stout of Christmas I put in my belly-vanilla milk stout
Dark black-brown with thick milky-coffee coloured head. Big sweet vanilla ice cream and lactose aroma. Lactose up front with plenty of sweetness, milk chocolate and a long sweet and roast barley finish.

The fourth stout of Christmas I put in my belly-hazlenut latte stout
Pours dark brown with minimal beige head that soon collapses to a lacing. Fruity and smoky roast coffee nose. Strong coffee up front almost detergent-like citrus comes second and a sweet finish. After the fantastic nose the flavour was a disappointment.

The fifth stout of Christmas I put in my belly-cho-o-late stout
Factoberfest 2011 Pitch black with a chocolate malt nose with spicy rasins with cocoa powder and a hint of peppermint. Very deceptive for its 5% with a chalky dry yet sweet finish.

The sixth stout of Christmas I put in my belly-stout with chocolate orange
Dark body, tan head. Spicy hops and orange pith on the nose. a little metallic at first, subtle orange, dark malt astringency and roasted finish. Would have liked perhaps a bit more orange in this

The seventh stout of Christmas I put in my belly-Imperial Stout
Midnight black with a temporary beige head. Vinous fruit, caramel, alcohol and a hint of lactose on the nose. Very thick and warming, molten chocolate with a slight lactic edge followed by a roasted barley and chocolate finish. fairly low carbonation. Its a bit brief in the finish otherwise superb.

The eighth stout of Christmas I put in my belly-Glenlivet Cask Stout
Pours red tinged black brown with a thin mocha head that disappears to a lacing after 30secs. On the nose we have sherry, vanilla, sultanas and a touch of vanilla. Fairly gentle carbonation and very thick in mouthfeel, Its very sweet with plenty of dried fruit with the whisky following on in behind bringing a warming complex slightly dry finish.

The ninth stout of Christmas I put in my belly-Laphroaig Cask stout
Pours brown almost black with a creamy tan head. Plenty of phenol on the aroma from the Laphroaig cask and a sweet edge. Dry barley followed by woody smoke, phenol and a complex roast coffee and chocolate finish.

The final three stouts were reviewed here.

The twelve stouts of Christmas I've put in my belly
12. Milk Stout
11. Bristol (dry) stout
10. Ultimate Stout
9. Laphroaig cask stout
8. Glenlivet Cask Stout 
7. imperial stout 
6. stout with chocolate orange
5. choc-o-late stout 
4. hazlenut latte stout
3. vanilla milk stout
2. chili chocolate stout 
and a stout made with raspberries

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