Session #58: A Dickens of a Christmas

Session host this month is Beersay Phil (@Filrd) who stepped up to the plate after I hosted last month's session. The topic this time is "a Christmas Carol", the premise being to pick a drink from Christmas past, Christmas present and Christmas future to talk about to get us in the festive mood.

It would be remiss of me to not mention my first ever taste of alcohol, boxing day 1986, when I was but 46 days old. I expect it was glenfiddich 12 y/o or even a blend like Red Grouse. Apparently the look on my face was such that it seemed I may be set to be teetotal for the rest of my life...that didn't happen!

Christmas present sees a garage full of tasty winter beers (see: high ABV stouts and porters) amassed over the year. I am very much looking forward to bottles of Moor Fusion and Old Freddy Walker plus Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout. Look out for tweets around the time i expect. Bristol beer factory's fantastic 12 stouts should be arriving with me any day soon too; so I expect they will form the backbone of my festive drinking.

Which brings me on to Christmas future. I don't like to predict what will happen in future years, feeling that I might somehow become bound by my proclamations, but I'd really like to spend a Christmas abroad somewhen, in an exotic and distant location and stumble across a hidden gem of a brewpub like schwalbenbrau in Schladming with some tasty treats. I don't have a preference for style or strength, just something unique for that time and place.

So that's it for The Session for 2011. I look forward to Mario's "not beer" topic in the new year!


  1. ooh, old freddy walker...not had that one yet. looks / sounds ace

  2. Old Freddy Walker is a favourite of ours. One of those beers that, when we see it, we just have to have, whatever else is on offer.

  3. I've not had much Moor beer really, missed out on Somerset brewers before I headed off to uni, so rectified taht by picking some bottles up at Westcountry Ales back in the summer

  4. Cheers Steve, I've had an Old Freddie in my internet order basket so many times, I have to let it stick next time around, some of their other beers are ace!

    Thanks for joining in mate and for all the help/advice in pulling this together. Phil

  5. Steve
    Here's a link to last months round up of Decembers which I hosted over in my blog Beersay. Thanks again for posting.

    Session #58 A Christmas Carol - Final round up http://wp.me/p1mN8x-O7