New Beers Resolutions

I'm back in the real world (after a lovely week off) so back to this blogging malarkey. I don't normally bother with resolutions but I thought I'd use today's post to set out my beery intentions for 2012:
  • Potentially work GBBF during the craziness that will be the Olympics (insane?)
  • Spend more time drinking in pubs than at home (doable, though likely to be due to much decreased beer spend this year)
  • Constantly seek to get better at writing (wouldn't we all like to?)
  • Do some more home brew with a view to full mash later in year (ambitious?)
  •  Get back to the gym to shed the beer pounds* accrued in 2011 (optimistic?)
  •  *though pounds in weight gained is not equivalent to pounds spent! 
    What are you lot hoping to achieve this year?

1 comment:

  1. Number 6 do-able too, Steve. But may need some investment. Unlike the US we seem to be v light on homebrew clubs, certainly cannot find one around here. If you can find one its a good way if pooling resources and knowledge. Happy to advise as a rel newbie myself, just shout.