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Thanks to a link Boak & Bailey shared on Twitter I wasted (enjoyably procrastinated) about 20 hours this weekend. The time-waster in question? A brewery management game for Android/ Apple.

The game is quick to install and has a useful tutorial mode to get you used to the menu system. I found it helpful to pause the game (bottom left corner or top menu bar) in order to get a better look around. The premise is simple - brew beer to sell whilst expanding and keeping your balance book in the black - but there's plenty of complexities to keep people interested.

You can use the game in different ways. For those completests amongst us (me included) there are set "story challenges" to enable you to progress alongside additional "ultimate" and "progression" challenges to unlock new recipes, equipment and staff. For the plutomaniacs you can set your own prices and amass a large (virtual) fortune and for the sadists there are mice to kill for bonuses.

From: PocketGamer
The graphics style is cutesy Nintendo-style with the option to play as different characters, though the actual animation is quite basic and plenty of text based screens. The music is pretty catchy too. The game can be at times frustrating, especially if you're impatient but be persistent and you'll be rewarded. 

I mentioned I spent 20 hours playing it* - the game can be addictive too "just one more achievement before bed...". But all in all i consider it £1.28 well spent - that's less than a price of a half and what better have you to do when its pissing it down and blowing a gale?

*As I mentioned I've completed the main story but there's still plenty to keep me occupied. If you decide to play and get stuck, feel free to ask!
Since first writing this post I've completed the game a second time (much quicker when you know what to look out for!) but there's still an annoying few things to discover to get to end game!

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