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Kinnegar recently released a few more beers, here's my thoughts. As with previous beers a couple are named after local landmarks with striking single colour labels which really help them to stand out. Here's what I thought about their other regulars.

A grain that's been all the rage this year is rye, which is what Kinnegar use here in their Rustbucket. Hazy pale amber with beige lacing. Subdued spicy peach nose. Moderate carbonation, sweet, rye and hops cancel each other out leaving a suggestion of each but just ends up nondescript. Needs more aggressive hopping to counter the boisterous rye but certainly a well made beer.

Long Tongue is an interesting combination of pumpkin, ginger and rye weighing in at 5.3% it gives peach cobbler on the nose, soft squishy peaches and a spicey undercurrent.  Increasing ginger, initial stem ginger sweetness, sticky rye medium body, low carbonation, biscuity malt, peppery ginger finish. The pumpkin must contribute to that mouthfeel, overall pretty decent and balances well.

Yannaroddy is a coconut porter at 4.8% opening with rich roast barley and fruity coffee on the nose with damp pine needles underneath. Very hazy dark cola coloured with a with tan lacing. Feels fair slick on mouthfeel, probably not helped by a below average level of carbonation, but this is forgiven when the bold resinous hops and high cocoa chocolate hit. Toasted coconut joins the party towards the lengthy finish finish and dry coffee appears on warming. It leaves a fairly sweet lasting impression with rich coconut flesh lingering on. Overall a well conceived and executed beer that I hope makes the transition to regular.


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