Pre-Preconference pub-crawl pub amble

With a little over a week to go until the big beery weekend in Edinburgh, I thought I'd propose a pre pub-crawl stroll on the Thursday for anyone arriving early in Edinburgh. My flight gets in at 9AM; so I have plenty of time to kill. The evening crawl takes in some fantastic pubs, but Edinburgh has plenty more available, including a number of venues participating in the Edinburgh Independents Beer Festival (@EIBF)(caution, mammoth post!). My rough plan of attack for the day:

A Meet 12noon in the Bow Bar for a quick half (we'll get a chance to come back here later/ before dinner Friday)

1 mile walk
B 12:45 lunch at Chop Chop (awesome trad Chinese food) Haymarket

1 mile walk
C 2:00 Caley Sample Rooms for  a few beers (Harbour meet the brewer the night before)

Taxi/walk 3 miles
D Visit Botanic Gardens (free entry) for post dinner stroll if weather up to it

walk 0.5 miles
E 4pm ish Stockbridge Tap (hopefully some weird beard cask/ beavertown keg remaining from the tuesday)

walk 0.5 miles

By this time I reckon  we'll be getting hungry again; so onwards!

I 6pm Illegal Jacks for Burritos which is well placed for catching up with the others on the evening tour. Its next door to the Hanging Bat and a short stroll to Cloisters (J), Bow Bar, Brewdog and The Red Squirrel (H)!

Other bars/ pubs may be fitted in depending on how long we spend at other places! If that doesn't whet your appetite enough then take a look at my round up of last year's EIBF.


  1. They are some pretty fanastic beer stops in Edinburgh! Well done!(especially Cloisters, a personal favorite)
    If you get a chance you should also check Brauhaus on Lauriston place, just around the corner from Cloisers, a dizzing array of world beers (including my favourite;
    St. Bernardus Abt 12) and a new little gem I found last time I was over called the Dick bar (no its not what it seems) which have their beers all made by one guy who brews in the building itself, well worth a check out!! http://www.summerhall.co.uk/bar-cafe/

  2. Hi Laura

    Cheers for commenting. I'm familiar with Brauhaus and have found some great beers on keg in there before, but I think there's too many other pubs with events on this coming week to allow any time there!

    Barney invited us along to view the brewery on thursday; that may be a plan B if the weather turns out to be poor.