Another Kildalton distillery, Laphroaig this time, long revered as being a particularly phenolic dram. I didn't have enough time to go on the tour but had a good look around the exhibition and strolled around outside. Its a great look back at the people that have made Laphroaig over the years alongside some of the awards that they have received.
I peeked into the warehouse below the distillery offices and was met with the enticing sight of casks and old coppering tools. I'd love to spend some time just wondering around soaking up the fumes.
You can even sign up to become a friend of the distillery and mark your plot on the field. The field is marked with flags of various nations and some people have even brought their own custom flags. I picked up a miniature whilst I was there which I've reviewed below.
An amber-honey tone which forms long alcohol streaks on  the side of the glass. Laphroaig cask strength has a nose with immediate iodine and wood-smoke nose. Underneath this is a hint of golden syrup and damp soil. Its fairly sweet at first and then those phenolic notes Laphroaig is so famous for creep in along with some charcoal and ash. The heat comes in the swallow, leaving a long medicinal finish.

My palate has certainly become more tolerant as previously I couldn't even stand a single sip of the stuff! Who else out there finds Islay malts hard work?


  1. Came across this, you might find it interesting re. peat/whisky/Islay etc:


    1. chemistry is always interesting to me! i read a bit about peat analysis in peat, smoke & spirit...great book!

  2. Agree completely about Peat, Smoke and Spirit, Andrew Jefford is a terrific writer and it's a marvellous book.

    Martyn Cornell

    1. hi martyn, thanks for popping by
      I only read it a few months ago and am wanting to read it again already but my mum has borrowed it. The book trasnported me to islay before i'd even got there and when i did arrive I felt I'd been before.

      I thought about reviewing it on my blog but wasn't sure i could do it justice