Live Beer Blogging #EBBC12

We're being courted by ten brewers at the conference now, in a speed-drinking/talking/blogging session. I'm going to attempt to update live, but inevitably it will fall by the wayside as drinking progresses. Five minutes per brewer! I'll add some pictures at a later date!


Baby faced assassin. Golden promise pale malt, single hopped with citra. from cask with sparkler. Tropical fruit, pineapple, mango, low carbonation. Roosters strain of yeast. Deceptively drinkable for its ABV (6.1%!) I've had this before in bottle release and hope we get it again one day. Most of their stuff goes into cask.

Innis & Gunn

Ross from Innis & Gunn pours us some Scottish Pale Ale (7%). Available currently in Sweden. "Ode to an IPA". Super styrian, EKG and styrian goldings. Custard and hop spices on the nose. Creme brulee flavour but less sweetness. UK only 4th biggest market. Brewed at Tennents now instead of Belhaven as they have better brewing facilities.

Marble Beers

Earl Grey IPA (6.8/%) perfumed, passion fruit, beer. Low bitterness from mittelfruh and goldings hops, citra late hopping. Very fruity and gentle carbonation. Slight tannin in the finish. 5 kilos of tea used. No pictures of the beer poured as I drank it too quickly!

Great Heck
Storming Norman (6.5%). Another golden ale, herbal nose from perle, lemon shortcake cascade and bitter finish, flavour really lingers. Started in 2008 in 2 BBL fermenter, converted a house to a brewery and now brew 45BBL a week. Pretty much 100% cask.

Leeds Brewing

Sam from Leeds brewing brought us some hellfire (5.2%) bitter. Aroma, centennial, wilamette and first gold. Pale blonde, not much aroma, earthy bitterness and sweet shortbread malt. Slightly metallic in the finish. Brew mostly for cask but this is sold in 330ml bottles. Some citrus fruit in the finish.

Ghost ship is the beer we're offered this time around. Clean malt nose, full mouth feel. Challenger, motueka, citra and dry hopped with citra. Lots of citrus fruit flavour. Now a permanent beer.

S.A. Brain and Co. Ltd

Brains Dark (4.1%) is the company's oldest beer and best seller to the eighties, won the most awards. World's best dark mild at WBA2011. Caramel and barley on the nose, chocolate, very smooth, slight earthy/blackberry hops in finish.

Camden Town
Need no introduction from me and have been featured on my blog twice already. Three core beers replete with new branding plus their USA hells, what we get to try now. Given an extra week conditioning and well conditioned in bottle it contains columbus for bittering plus cascade, centenial. Simcoe and citra late edition. Dry hopped with whole flower simcoe. Unfiltered. um bungo on the nose, pithy lemon peel. lively carbonation. Clean malt profile then tropical fruit in abundance.
Will be launching a new range in 660ml bottles.

Otley Brewing

Otley oxymoron is a beer i spent half of Belfast Beer Festival drinking. Its just as tasty this time around. Terry's chocolate orange in a sessionable format. Gentle carbonation. So good I had to have a pint.

Slater’s Ales
Top totty, the beer that caused the storm in a political teacup with them. We get to see how it tastes. WGV hops, clean nose, sweet malt, slight bitterness in finish. Very quaffable. Could see this as being a good beer to convert people off of lager.


  1. Wow Nice job, could hardly keep up with one brief photo tweet per beer!

    1. I wouldn't have been able to do it if I'd just been on a phone!