#TheSession #63: Time for Beer

After being unable to meet his hosting commitment in November, Pete's taking up the session mantle this month and a right corker of a topic it is too: the beer moment. When is the right time for beer?

I'd posit that there isn't a right or wrong time for beer. The beer moment comes whenever the need arises.

As much as it may be romantic to evoke notion of solidarity with fellow drinkers, the beer moment doesn't have to be shared. Or it can be shared after the fact.

Its not just about the beer, though that can often be a contributing or causative factor.

Its not just about the location, though that can serve to enhance or downgrade the experience.

Nor is it about the weather, method of dispense, glassware used, background sounds or any number of tangible or identifiable features.

It's about the satisfaction of a primal urge.

Beer is what brought about civilisation but our first taste of it came as heathens.

In the beer moment we are transported back to that time, a time before any of the cares of the modern world and allow ourselves to relax.

The beer moment is that fleeting connection to nature with every first gulp.

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