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Here's a Clue...
The following brewery needs no introduction. I've already reviewed the beers and plenty of others will write about the place. I'm just going to write about a fantastic day, in the sun, with great beer, great friends and fantastic hosts. Oh and a barrel aged beer. If you're not interested then look away now...

Which is the magic one?
Conference over we all descend on Leeds Station platform a little worse for wear on a Sunday morning with a trip to Huddesrfield on the cards. We're ferried to the brewery and find tables constructed from casks, a BBQ on the go and an eager team of brewery staff ready to welcome us in.

6 fresh and tasty beers
A look round the brewery only reinforces how phenomenally they have grown in the twelve short months since inception, with four new fermenters added outside. A sherry cask inside the brewery gives tantalising pause for thought about future special releases but for now we have six beers on tap to choose from, including their pithy new golden summer ale Carnival and something else 6% boozier...Bourbon Barrel Bearded Lady.

Drinking in the sun.
In appearance it's similar to the original, but some of the roasted notes in the nose have been smoothed over with caramel, vanilla and oak. A gentle hand has been used here as this is no booze bomb, with just a touch of bourbon highlighting the base beer expertly without obliterating the flavour. Its noticeably sweeter than the original but does not suffer for it and I'd happily drink it again in a flash (just maybe not so early in the pm!)

Bloggers enjoying burgers
The BBQ was tasty and company great. I also spotted the name of the next beer to be brewed, which Rich confirmed as an interpretation of a classic style. I don't want to be the one to break the news, just check their website over the coming weeks!

Andy Mogg Raises a toast

So thank you to Rich, Stu et al for hosting us, feeding us and answering our questions and I look forward to all the next releases!

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