Humulus Hit

Northern Ireland's newest beer comes courtesy of the biggest brewers  -Whitewater. Originally brewed for the Belfast beer festival last November it proved such a success there (being crowned Champion Beer of the festival) that they have made it a semi-regular brew. I managed to try it at my now favourite local haunt, The Brewer's House.

It certainly looks the part pouring slightly hazy dark gold with fresh tangerine and noble hop herbal aroma. This has hops! Dry hop bitterness with simcoe? oranginess and dry finish. It reminds me a lot of Fullers Wild River

Very moreish, easy to drink too for its 6% ABV...very dangerous!

Its also available in bottles; so look out for it in various supermarkets around the province. I'll certainly be looking out for it, more like this please Irish brewers!

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  1. Sounds great, hope we see it in the Republic soon.