The ones that got away

Here are some breweries, bars and beers I'd hoped to try whilst in New Zealand but for whatever reason didn't get a chance. Again, by no means exhaustive. If you're headed that way feel free to bring me some beer back ;)

Brothers: This is a new brewery in the CBD of Auckland. My phone died whilst I was away, so without the address I resorted to asking around for directions. After a fruitless half hour looking for it we resolved to return the next day, only to find it had closed for a New Year's break d'oh!

Hallertau Brewbar: Based to the North of Auckland this brewbar with a decent menu and well regarded beers was just an arse to try to get to on public transport and will have to remain for another day.

Brewmoon: another well regarded brewpub, this time to the North of Christchurch. Lack of transport again being the deciding factor against this one.

The Twisted Hop: the plan was to head here on the final day of our trip, but the precipitation put paid to that. I did get to try their old ale in Pomeroys and it paired well with sausages in onion gravy.

8-Wired Saison Sauvin: try as I might I couldn't find this beer anywhere! It must have been on at least 5 menus but it had sold out and careful searching for it in off-licences yielded no joy either. I have found it online in Germany but shipping is the kicker there...the search continues!

Edit: the fantastic Bottle Shop in Canterbury saved the day with 5 untried 8-wired beers in stock!

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