#TheSession #72

This month  Ryan at Monatana Beer Finder has asked us to talk about how we love beer. In what way do we show our love for beer.

First and foremost of course is actually drinking and blogging about the stuff. I let people know about the beers I've enjoyed to share the joy of a good pint. This progresses to the next logical level by letting people try my beer when I'm out and about or even buying people a drink. I like to pass on the tips that I've been given myself.

Whilst in Auckland I gave a sample of the Epic Coffee & Fig Stout (not a cheap beer!) to a couple of Americans sat on the table next to us. It opened their eyes to a different style of imperial stout, being barrelheads. Sharing beer is a great way to show your love.

Aside from that I'm writing a cheese and beer book to showcase my dual loves of UK cheese and UK beer. I help to run beer tasting at beer festivals and stand behind the bar to proselytise about good beers the rest of the time.

This year I plan to deepen my love of beer by starting to homebrew. Taking a beer from inception to the end will give me a deeper appreciation of how beer loves me and increase my love for it in return (I hope!).


  1. I think my love from beer went from great appreciation to obsession when I started homebrewing. It's a fun, educational hobby that only feeds my passion.

    I'm sure you'll love it.


  2. Good luck with homebrewing! It's a logical "next step". Thanks for the great post!

    1. Think I've got all the necessary to do a partial mash kit now, will report how I get on