Wetherspoon Spring 2013 Beer Festival

Wetherspoon do a lot to further the availability of real ale in the UK and the biggest push comes twice a year during their fortnight-long real ale festivals. The Spring 2013 list has just been released and seems to feature even more international collaborations than ever, including one with the illustrious Kelly Ryan of Good George (formerly Thornbridge and Epic).

It runs from 3rd to 21st April.

By my reckoning there are 34 new beers, which is a major improvement on previous beer festivals, though there a lot of similar breweries again. There a umber of interesting styles including the obligatory spiced beer, but there is also a California common beer and two black IPAs as well as a Belgian dubbel brewed by a Trappist monastery's head brewer.

I'll be looking out for the Corfu coffee porter, the Deschutes beer, Wadworth's strong anniversary ale and the IPA from Acorn.

Read on below for more info on the beers and Ratebeer links. As always I'll post some thoughts on whatever beers I get to try once the thing's over.

Arundel Budding Beauty 

Inveralmond Frisco Steamy 

Shepherd Neame New World Pale Ale 

Titanic Molly Brown  

WharfeBank Spring Hop   

Otter Seville Bitter 

Cairngorm Pollination   

Marstons Single Hop Pacific Gem (cask) 

Conwy Riptide  

Leeds Vienna Mild   

Lancaster 1842 Pilsner 

Corfu Ionian Coffee Porter (cask)  

Lodewijk’s Fly By Night (Cask) 

Banks’s Cereal Thriller   

Hawkshead American Red  

Skinners Sennen 

RCH Wheat Beer  

Pivovar Kocovnik Vivat Bohemia (Cask)   

Robinsons Hoptimus 

Elgoods Spring Gold 

Central City Red racer IPA (cask) 

Nethergate Bowler 

Hydes Burnt Sienna 

Wadworth 6X Anniversary Ale  

Everards Malty Tasker  

Vasileostrovsky Siberian Red  

Devils Backbone American Amber  

Deschutes Twilight Ale (cask)  

Celt Experience Continental Drift   

Acorn Barnsley IPA  

Orkney 1878 

Daleside Spring Tide   

Good George Pacific Pearl  

Hilden Number Four  
Rudgate Pursuit of Hoppyness
Caledonian Brewer's Passion
Phoenix St George's Flag
O'Hanlons Red
Brains Willy Nilly
Holts IPA
Belhaven Black
Lymestone Pounamu
Wickwar Station Porter
Adnams Belgian Style Abbey Ale
Batemans Mocha
Moorhouses Amber Rambler
Mauldons Blackberry Porter
Wolf Tasmanian Wolf
Thwaites Daniels Hammer
Wood's Twist Grip


  1. Bloody hell! Did you get an intern to add all those links? ;o)

    Some interesting looking beers on the list. Had a couple of Deschutes when I was in Denver in December - keen to try more

    I wonder if this will be the festival when I find a Wadworth beer (either their own or one brewed at their brewery) in their hometown JDW

    Do you know if an overseas brewer is brewing at Wadworth this time?


  2. wouldn't surprise me if they did Mark! only confirmed so far is sheps and batemans.

  3. You should definitely try Devils Backbone if you get the chance, Jason is an excellent brewer.

  4. and no doubt whatever Wetherspoons I go into, they'll be three dull beers on and all the interesting ones will have "coming soon" covering the pump clip.

    1. it is sometimes a problem, but strike up a relationship with your local's manager and they'll try to let you know when stuff is due on.